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What are the Benefits of Commercial Painting?

Benefits of Commercial Painting In Portland OR

Running a business takes a great deal of time and effort. If you own a business, along with the commercial property for the business, it’s as though the workload is double. 

Even if you hire a property manager, you’re likely to need to check on their effectiveness in maintaining your building, even if only from time to time. You have to make sure that your business is running smoothly, but you also have to ensure that your building and property are looking good, are safe, and are up to code. 

Hiring a professional commercial painting contractor to regularly keep your building clean and well maintained can be a big weight off your shoulders. Doing so can significantly benefit your company in many ways. Before you decide if you need to hire a professional commercial painting contractor, you should decide if your property fits under the “commercial” label.

Commercial Property or Not? 

Businesses come in many sizes and forms. If your business is categorized as “commercial,” it will need to be painted by a commercial painting company. These types of businesses are retail, office, schools of all levels, community centers, doctors’ offices, apartment buildings, sports complexes, restaurants, and retirement communities. 

Commercial buildings all have similar features. They all deal with people from the public. They all must be up to the health and safety codes. Hiring a professional commercial painting company takes the burden off you, the business owner, in making sure that the maintenance and painting is done right and meets all the required codes and procedures. 

Professional commercial painting contractors must follow guidelines that The Painting Contractors Association (PCA) publishes. There are 25 Individual PCA Standards that commercial painters must ensure are met. 


As a business owner, you are busy. You likely do not have time that can be set aside to research how to paint your building, buy supplies, prep the building, and then paint. There is a multistep process for painting commercial buildings. It is more than just purchasing paint and applying it to the surfaces of your building. 

First, the surfaces must be prepped. The best way to clean the exterior of a building is with a pressure washer. Then, any old chipped paint has to be removed. Lastly, if any part of the surface is damaged, it must be repaired. A professional painting contractor will ensure that all these steps are taken care of correctly before any new paint touches your building. When you hire a commercial painting contractor, it allows you to spend time on running your business.  

Another aspect of time is how long a paint project will take. The time it will take to complete your project depends on many factors including surfaces to be painted, surface location and type, weather conditions, and other factors. Your paint project may require multiple days of work. A professional commercial painting company will allow you to continue focusing on the other aspects of your business while the project is being completed. 

Professional commercial painters can accurately estimate how long a project will take. They are also able to work flexible hours. Working these flexible hours makes it easier for your business to continue running smoothly. Commercial painters can complete work at non-peak business hours. This allows your business to be conducted as normal with minimal disruptions. 

Prepping the Building 

Many of the PCA guidelines are about making sure the building is adequately prepared before the paint is applied. After your building is inspected and needed repairs are noted and fixed, the surface of the building will need to be cleaned. Any chipped, bubbling or non-adhering paint will be removed, and some areas will be sanded for optimal paint adherence.

As the business owner, you will also need to notify employees when the paintwork is being done. Even if your building’s painting project is being done after business hours, you will want to inform employees and other building inhabitants. Notifying everyone properly about the painting project schedule will give your employees the opportunity to rework their schedules if needed. 

If the painting work is to be completed during business hours, it is important to notify customers and clients of any delays or alterations they will need to make when visiting your business.    

Quality of Paint, Equipment, and Knowledge

Commercial painting projects require expertise, specialized equipment, and trained, qualified people, to get the job done. One additional benefit you receive when you hire a commercial painter is that they have access to top-quality commercial paint brands at preferred pricing. 

Paint brands that formulate paint for specific commercial painting uses will last longer and give your building a stronger protective layer. Professional commercial painting contractors also have the knowledge when it comes to what equipment needs to be used for your project. Professional contractors come with the right tools and equipment to prep and complete your commercial paint project, from aerial lifts to paint sprayers to sandblasters to pressure washers.  

Arrowhead Painting is one of the top professional commercial painters that have the knowledge and know-how to complete your commercial painting project. Our painting professionals provide top-quality paint, proper equipment for the project, and we can save you time and money. We also provide you with peace of mind while your commercial property is being painted. Contact us today for a free estimate for your next commercial painting project.  

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