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What are Some of the More Popular Interior Paint Colors?

We have no doubt that after you’ve been couped up looking at the same walls day in and day out, you might finally feel like you need some change. The best way to make changes is by finding some color, something that can change the entire look of your room. However, we also are aware that there are so many colors available that it can seem overwhelming, that’s why, we’ve chosen a few colors that seem to be really gaining in popularity. Hopefully, this will at least give you somewhere to start to find popular interior paint colors.
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Benjamin Moore: First Light First Light is a very sophisticated and soft blush tone that really brings a nice rosy warmth to any room you choose to use it in. It’s so soft that it can totally envelop a room but doesn’t overpower it. This is a wonderful color to add a warm glow to a dining room or a living room. The best sheens to pick for this color would be matte or eggshell and then trim it with a satin sheen. This will increase the warm and cozy feel of the room that this color creates. Sherwin-Williams: Romance You might not think that this somewhat blush pink with just a touch of apricot could be considered a neutral color, but many interior designers really believe that it can give you a neutral feel if used properly. This is another color than has the ability to make a room feel warm and welcoming. If you use this color in your dining room, it can add an element of calm and sophistication. This color also is a good one for the bathroom and pair it with a teal tone to really make it pop. Behr: Back to Nature Back to Nature is a very soothing shade of green that helps people feel like they’re more connected to nature within four walls. It’s a relatively new neutral color that helps to bring a little tranquility to just about any room. We recommend that when you trim this color that you pick a color that is complementary while also providing a touch of contrast. If you add a bright or vivid color for the trim you’ll add energy to the room. You can also just use white for the trim and that will highlight the earthy tone of this particular color. Valspar: Grey Brook This color is actually a very warm and welcoming pale blue more than a gray color. It actually kind of reminds you of a pair of stonewashed jeans. It’s quite versatile and it pretty much will work for any space but especially for a home that has a more open floor plan. This is a color that you can combine with different shades of gray and blue as well as a warmer color of white. PPG: Chinese Porcelain This deep color is a combination of cobalt and navy blue. Yes, this sounds pretty dark, and it is, however, the navy blue in it helps to create a sense of calm and even hopefulness. It’s like looking out over the horizon out to the sea. The cobalt part of the combination helps make the room also feel both vibrant and energetic. When you use blue hues they help you make a nice transition away from some of the gray hues that have been used for quite some time now. You’ll find that Chinese Porcelain will work really well in a bedroom or you can use it as an accent wall with lighter colored walls or you can paint an entire room with it as long as it’s a room that has plenty of natural lighting. It’s good for a bathroom when you use a really crisp or bright white for the trim. Pantone: Classic Blue If you’re looking for a color that gives a feeling of reflection or confidence, this is a good color for you. Classic Blue helps make a room feel restful and relaxed which leads to a feeling of tranquility. This is a great color for a room that has a lot of windows and will look good with a strong white as a trim. It can also be used on a wall that you want to have as an accent wall. Two of the best rooms for this color would be the bedroom and the living room if you’re looking to make these rooms feel welcoming and tranquil. Pantone: Living Coral This is a bold color that is in the orange category with golden undertones. Don’t worry, this orange leans towards the warmer end of the orange scale so there’s no need to be afraid of using it. It tends to give a room a feeling of intimacy and friendliness. It would make for a great color for rooms like a family room, a den, bedroom, even a living room with just the right accessories and trim colors.

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