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Update Your Backyard With A New Stained Fence

Consider Staining Your Fence Or Deck For a New Outdoor Look

If you are looking to update the look of your outdoor space, painting or staining your deck
or fence can be a great way to do so. Not only can it give your property a fresh new
look, but it can also protect the wood from damage caused by sun, rain, and snow.
However, painting or staining a deck or fence can be a time-consuming and tricky task,
especially if you are not experienced or short on time. That is where hiring a local fence
and deck painting or staining contractor can come in handy.

In many areas, including Portland, there are many local fence and deck painting or
staining contractors to choose from. When searching for a company, consider looking
for a family-owned business that has been in operation for several years. This can
indicate that they have a good reputation in the community and are invested in providing
quality service to their customers.

One of the main benefits of hiring a professional fence and deck painting or staining
contractor is their expertise. They know the best techniques for prepping the wood,
ensuring that the paint or stain adheres properly and lasts for years to come. Proper
prep includes protecting shrubbery and plants, and considering your neighbor’ss side of
the fence. Skipping these steps can result in a messy or uneven application, and may
not be appreciated by your neighbors.

Another benefit is that professional painters or stain applicators have access to higher
quality paints and stains than what you may find in a home improvement store. When
choosing a paint or stain, it is important not to skimp on quality. Cheap options may save
you money upfront, but they can end up costing you more in the long run if they don’t
cover well or last as long as higher-quality options. Good options for deck stains include
Super deck and Woodscapes by Sherwin Williams, which offer excellent durability and
protection against weather and UV rays.

When applying paint or stain to a deck or fence, it is important to use the right
techniques for an even and long-lasting application. This often involves spraying the
paint or stain onto the wood, and then back-rolling it to ensure an even coat. Applying
two coats of paint or stain can also give you better coverage and a longer-lasting finish.
Preparation is key to a successful deck or fence painting or staining project. In order to
properly prepare the wood for painting or staining, it is important to start with a clean
surface. We pressure wash first to ensure that any dirt, grime, or debris is removed from
the surface. Once the surface is dry, we can begin the painting or staining process. It is
also important to choose a dry day with good weather conditions, as painting or staining
on a wet or humid day can result in a poor finish.

In conclusion, painting or staining your deck or fence can be a great way to update the
look of your outdoor space and protect the wood from damage caused by the elements.
However, it is important to take the time to properly prep the wood and use high-quality
paints or stains. Hiring a local fence and deck painting or staining contractor can save
you time and ensure that you get the best results possible. Look for a family-owned
company with a good reputation in the community, and don’t forget to protect your

landscaping and your neighbors; property during the process. By following these tips,
you can achieve a professional-looking paint or stain job that will last for years to come.

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