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Send a Good Wish with “The Wishing Tree”-Portland

“The Wishing Tree”

The Wishing Tree Portland is something that you should add in your place of interest when visiting Portland. It is an iconic landmark of Portland with a good luck charm. Located on the 7th NE and Morris, this horse chestnut tree of Portland is consistently embellished with several wishes hanging on its trunk. Anyone passing by, visiting it, and seeing it doesn’t go overlooking it. And when you read the wishes written on it, you feel a sense of calm of the kindness that people have for their loved ones and the world. How did “The Wishing Tree” Start? Locals tell that Nicole Helprin, the tree owner, placed a couple of wishes written hanging on that tree in 2013. The idea popped out of her mind from a blog of SanFrancisco. A note hanged along that it is “The Wishing Tree.” Rest is history; currently, the tree bears and wears hundreds of wishes for several visitors. What is “The Wishing Tree”? “The Wishing Tree” is a towering elm where people write down their wishes on the tags provided and hang them on one of its branches or leaves. The materials from marker to paper are provided without any charge. No nails or thumbtacks are used to avoid harming the tree. This tree is a pilgrimage where people send out their wishes for themselves, their loved ones, and to the world. People from Portland and the ones visiting Portland come here, put their wishes down, and read other dreams that are tagged on the tree branches. It is believed that writing your wishes down and visualizing the good stuff happening creates the magic. Where is it Located? “The Wishing Tree” is located on 7th Avenue of 2954 NE down the Irving Park between Siskiyou and Stanton. Why Should You Visit “The Wishing Tree”?
  • It is fun to read through some wishes to know that people have good wishes in their sentimental hearts and some are light humored for a belly laugh like “a billion dollars” or “Avacados” on the other side of the tag. Humor that puts a smile on someone’s face is a good wish too.
  • There are illustrative wishes with creativity, along with humor. There are homemade tags with their own designs and embellishments dotted down. It is inspiring to see creativity hung on a tree.
  • It is spiritual and deep. How may you think? It is spiritual and deep because the tree is a symbol of goodness, creativity, and the struggles people face in their lives. Knowing other’s efforts motivates us to become better and also be grateful for what we have. It even makes us think that we are in the right place than many, and good is happening in our life. It gives a spiritual aspect of life that all a person wants is happiness and love for themselves, their loved ones, and the world. It provides an insight into our role in creating our happiness.
  • “The Wishing Tree” lets you dream. You are free to write down any and every wish without any charge. Dreaming and wishing knows no bounds. No need to be practical when you wish, no limits, and no one to answer. Put your wishes to the universe and visualize it happening. The magic begins here, and it is beyond the physical world.
  • “The Wishing Tree” is a community in itself, and it grows. When you wish for someone, including you, and read other’s wishes, you connect to yourself and others. Writing your wish is introspection to self and a deep desire to happiness/love. By reading other’s wishes, you connect to like-minded people with the same goals and get inspired by many. Connecting to others can start right here in this community. By reading someone in deep misery, you also tend to wish good for that unknown person and hope that he or she is out of pain.
Conclusion The Wishing Tree Portland is a place to connect with your wishes for yourself, your family, friends, and world. The only requirement is your wishes, the rest of the material is provided. This old horse chestnut tree has stood strong and wears several wishes on its branches and leaves. It is a tree that is fun to visit and read the wishes. A sense of gratitude and love flows being at this place. Send your wishes and wishes to your loved ones and the world with The Wishing Tree of Portland. Arrowhead Painting If you would like more information on our business, you can find us at https://arrowheadpainting.co/ If you would like more information about our services, you could find out more information at Portland Painters.

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