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Pittock Mansion Portland

Pittock Mansion Portland

Pittock Mansion Portland is a valuable estate relic that connects modern Portland to its past, showing how the city evolved over the centuries. The mansion was build in 1914 by a family of enthusiasts that dreamt of turning Portland from a small town into a commercial hub in the region. The estate went through weather hazards, near demolition and disrepair over the years. But today it is an impressive museum open to visitors and history enthusiasts that would like to know more about Portland, as well as about the lifestyle of people living a century ago. The experience includes various events, tours, exhibitions throughout the mansion’s rooms and surroundings. History The idea of building such an imposing house belonged to one of the most influential families in Portland. Henry Pittock was a simple guy from London that moved to Portland when he was 19, trying to find his way to success and to a self-sufficient life. The bold entrepreneurial spirit of Henry allowed him embark on some successful businesses and make a good profit. After working a while for a local newspaper, he ended up being a major investor in real estate, railroad and paper industry. Along his way to making it big, he was constantly encouraged by his wife, Georgiana, whom he met in the first years of his Portland adventure. After reaching a status in the society and running some profitable businesses and other non-profit charities, the couple decided to build a mansion that would have marked the transformation of Portland from a no-name town into a reputable commercial center in the region. The mansion was ready in 1914. Having lived just a couple of years in the house, Georgiana and Henry died, leaving the property to the family. In the 1950s, the last family members moved, putting the grandiose estate to sale. It took several years of staying empty and undergoing a fierce storm in 1962 for the Portland authorities to take action towards saving the building. They renovated the mansion, while keeping the family’s belongings and artefacts in place, making it into a marvellous place that tells the history of Portland to visitors coming all over the United States and from abroad. Activities If you wonder what you should expect to see when you enter the door of the mansion, be ready to dive into a magic atmosphere of the past where you will be able to feel on your skin how people lived 100 years ago. Putting apart futuristic designs of modern houses, you will be thrown in the dimensions of a completely new era for you that is unique in its way and hides the history of a major city. The mansion offers you a range of activities that you can enjoy throughout your visit. You may choose a self-guided trip where you will be given the chance to explore the estate from inside as well as its surroundings in 60 minutes on your own. If you want your adventure to be more insightful and full of facts, you can opt for a guided tour, which lasts 50 minute. You will be guided through the chambers of the mansion, being shown artefacts and precious family relics such as furniture, books, a grand piano, a harp, a masonic sword, and many other. The guide is knowledgeable about the history of Portland and the destiny of Pittock family, which will allow you to learn fascinating facts about the lifestyle of the family, habits, details about the businesses owned by the family and how they contributed to the transformation of Portland into a major city in the region. The mansion offers also guided discovery tours for school-age children that are willing always to acquire new knowldge. You can also try Behind the rooms tours where you will get access to places in the mansion that are regularly not available to public eye. When it comes to other activities, you will get the opportunity to attend various art exhibitions with paintings and relics collected by Pittock family throughout the years and pieces that were received as gift from other influential Portland families. The mansion keeps its doors open for everyone that is fond of history or is just interested in the way people lived. Arrowhead Painting If you would like more information on our business, you can find us at https://arrowheadpainting.co/ If you would like more information about our services, you could find out more information at Portland OR Painters.

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