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Interior Projects for Your Commercial Building

Fall has settled in nicely here in Portland, and while many are excited about the upcoming holiday season, getting projects done for commercial buildings is at the forefront of many building owners’ and operators’ minds. You may not realize it, but interior projects can be one of the most important investments you make for your business. Not only do they keep your building looking great and up to date, but they also help with productivity and efficiency. 

Commercial building owners and managers know the importance of keeping the interior of their property in top shape. They also know that there are many different projects they need to have done periodically in order to keep up with maintenance needs and customer expectations. Depending on what you’re trying to achieve, there are a variety of options for different budgets. This blog will cover some of the most common interior tasks for commercial buildings so you can find inspiration for your next project this fall or winter.

Maintenance Updates

Projects that can be completed in as short as an afternoon are great ways to start making headway on your building upkeep. While these may seem simple, they can make a significant impact on your utilities and the overall productivity of your building.

Start with changing all the HVAC system filters and inspecting air vents and intake grates for proper airflow. These systems are important to keep clean for energy efficiency and fire safety. By checking and cleaning these systems at least twice a year, you can keep energy costs down and improve air quality inside your building. 

In connection with improving the air quality of your building, ceiling fans will need to be cleaned and set to their winter setting to ensure proper air circulation. By switching fans to rotate clockwise, cool air will be taken up in an updraft which will then push warmer air back down. This airflow movement can help lower heating bills in addition to cycling air throughout your space. Just be sure to reverse your fans in the spring as temperatures rise to keep your building cooler.

Interior Repairs and Updates

Deep cleaning after a busy summer and fall season can keep your building looking and feeling its best. From carpet and tile floor cleaning to walls and windows, every inch of your building that can be cleaned will ensure that it stays in its best shape. While spring is typically the time many companies choose to have their buildings cleaned, scheduling a professional cleaning service now will open your springtime calendar to other projects that require warmer and dryer weather.

Speaking of rain, we all know that winter is coming, and with it comes more days of rain. As a result, many businesses are taking time now to prepare their buildings by diverting water near the foundation, fixing leaks, and repairing any water-damaged areas that have arisen. For any other surfaces that have been worn down by everyday use, fixing any compromised areas will help your building stay in great shape.


Once the weather changes and becomes cooler, the focus for painting goes from the exterior to the interior. Once your surfaces and areas have been cleaned and repaired, keeping them protected should be the finishing touch to your interior projects list. Any walls that are in high-use areas may be in need of attention.

If surfaces were repaired from water or other forms of damage, a fresh coat of paint will seal in and strengthen the spots and prevent further damage from occurring. Ceilings may need to be assessed to see if a new coat of paint is needed. The best way to know for sure which areas need new paint is by contacting and a professional painting company you can trust. 

As many contractors fill their spring schedules with interior painting projects, getting a jump start this fall or winter can prove to be a smart decision for having your building ready for the holidays. In fact, you may benefit from discounts by scheduling interior projects during contractors’ off-seasons.

No matter what interior projects are on your radar this year, Arrowhead Commercial Painting is committed to offering quality painting services for your business. From small businesses to large properties, owners and managers have trusted us to get the job done right the first time. To schedule a free estimate call or visit our website.

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