Finding Beauty Inside the Walls of the Portland Art Museum

The Portland Art Museum is located in an old, brick-laden building in downtown Portland, Oregon. Surrounded by the cityscape, the museum boasts an impressive collection of work from around the world, including pieces from its permanent collection. While it may be easy to appreciate the building’s exterior beauty, finding beauty inside the walls of the Portland Art Museum is a much more fascinating experience. When looking for beauty inside the Portland Art Museum, it is essential to understand its history and mission. First established in 1892, the museum’s goal is to provide the public with access to the arts, regardless of its ability to pay for admission. Therefore, admission is always free, allowing residents and visitors to enjoy the distinguished collection. Visitors can expect unique works involving various people, perspectives, and subject areas. Once inside the museum, visitors can also see many recognizable faces. Learn information about Portland, OR.

This includes world-renowned artists, such as Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dalí, whose works can be viewed and studied. In addition, new artists are rotated into the permanent collection regularly, providing an ever-evolving list of artwork to explore. Aside from its permanent collection, the Portland Museum of Art houses a variety of temporary exhibitions and interactive events for people of all ages. Whether it’s a screening of a classic movie or an art class for children, the museum offers various engaging activities that inspire creativity and foster a sense of connection within the community. Beyond the exhibitions, visitors can also appreciate the beauty of the building itself. Built-in 1897, the museum is constructed in a Romanesque and Renaissance Revival style, featuring beautiful stained glass windows, ornate murals, and elaborate woodwork. Discover facts about Exploring the History of Pioneer Courthouse Square in Portland.