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Exterior Projects for Your Commercial Building

As a commercial property owner, you know that your building needs some repairs and corrective maintenance done over time. Materials deteriorate, mold and mildew set in, and the weather can take a toll on your building exterior’s appearance. These things happen and can cause a lot of headaches if not managed the right way. 

But how can you, as a commercial property owner or property manager, know what needs to be done and where to start. Arrowhead Painting can answer all your commercial painting and maintenance questions. We have compiled a list of repairs and corrective and preventative maintenance projects you can do to keep your commercial property in top shape. 

Pressure Washing

Over time, unwanted substances build up on the exterior of your commercial building. Water residue, grime, mold, and bird droppings are just a few examples of unwanted substances. Pressure washing your commercial building removes the build-up that these things can cause. 

Having your building pressure washed regularly helps protect it and helps keep the building’s exterior from deteriorating. Pressure washing also helps prevent mold and mildew from seeping deeper into the material. Scheduling regular pressure washing sessions will help protect your company’s investment 

Additionally, pressure washing the exterior and surrounding areas of your building periodically keeps it looking crisp and clean. Regular pressure washings, along with routine maintenance, can increase the value of your structure. 

The exterior of your building is the first thing a custom or client sees. A new customer may make their first impression judgment on how the exterior of your building looks. Because of this, you want to try your best to have the exterior of your facility looking its finest. Having a nice, clean-looking structure can also give your employees something to take pride in.     

Lastly, regular pressure washing can help keep your employees and clientele safe. Allergens, pollutants, dirt, and mildew can cause health concerns if exposed to them for any length of time. Regular pressure washing can help rid your building of these things, making your facility a safer place to be. Doing so also helps prevent them from developing. Removing mold, algae, and other slippery substances from sidewalks and parking lots by pressure washing them can prevent slips and falls from occurring outside of your building. Overall, regular pressure washing can help give your building a fresh look and can keep your employees and clients safe.  

Gutters, Drainage, and Roof Cleaning 

While pressure washing your building’s exterior surfaces is one of the most efficient forms of preventative maintenance, making sure the building’s roof, gutters, and drains are clean, clear, and not damaged is also essential for protecting your investment. The elements take a toll on your roof and can cause damage if preventative measures are not taken. 

A build-up of decaying leaves and dirt can cause water to form puddles on and around your building’s roof. It can also cause drain blockages. Over time, these blockages and pools of water can turn into major problems. Sitting water will eat away at the roofing material. This eventually can cause holes and leaks in the roof. 

Blocked drains can cause water to back up and form these puddles. Additionally, blocked drains can cause the water to take other routes to come off your roof. This can cause water to emanate from different parts of the roof, instead of the desired path through the drainpipes. 

The roof of your building is also a prime place for mold, moss, and algae to grow. Getting it cleaned regularly will help prevent these unwanted substances from ruining and deteriorating the materials that make up your roof.  

Exterior Walls 

One thing that you want to prevent as a commercial property owner is building leaks. The most common leaking points occur on your exterior walls. Exterior walls are where plumbing, lighting, exhaust vents, air intakes, HVAC system elements, doors, and windows are installed and operated. These parts of your exterior walls should be checked regularly to ensure there are no cracks or leaks. If there are leaks or breaks, they should be repaired right away to prevent any further damage. Regularly inspecting the area around your doors and windows will ensure that a new leak has not started. 

Leaks can cause more problems than just water in your building. Water can cause mold to grow. It can also damage and weaken the building materials of your structure. Preventative maintenance and routine inspections can prevent the headache of leaks in your building.  


Another preventative and corrective maintenance strategy is painting, both interior and exterior surfaces. Certain brands and types of paint have antimicrobial properties. These types of paint can help prevent mold and mildew from growing on your building’s exterior.  

The professionals at Arrowhead Painting can provide you with services that help support your commercial building’s health. Our painting, pressure washing, and drywall repair services can help you keep your building well-maintained and healthy for your associates and your customers. Contact Arrowhead Painting for your free commercial painting or maintenance estimate and see what we can do for the building(s) you own or manage.   

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