Experiencing Innovative Technology and Exhibits at OMSI Portland

OMSI Portland is a museum that allows visitors to explore and experience innovative technology and exhibits through its various permanent and special exhibitions. Located in the heart of Rose City, OMSI is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the area. Established in 1944 as the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, OMSI has since become an educational hub for people of all ages and backgrounds to explore the future of science and technology. Upon entering OMSI, visitors are welcomed into the museum’s Main Hall, where a variety of interactive exhibits, interactive activities, and educational programs are offered. This museum area is home to most of OMSI’s permanent exhibitions and collections, offering visitors a unique and hands-on experience in science and technology. Information can be found here.

For example, OMSI offers many interactive exhibits and activities that are perfect for any age group. Visitors can explore the robotics and motion-detection technology in OMSI’s Robotics Lab, observe medical equipment and technology in OMSI’s Medical Technology Gallery, and explore the history of sustainability and green energy in the Perpetual Conservation Gallery. In addition to the permanent exhibits and activities, OMSI offers an array of special exhibitions and programs throughout the year. These specialized programs, events, and shows are designed to educate and excite visitors in science, technology, and engineering. OMSI’s seasonal special exhibitions, for instance, may showcase the latest trends in robotics, sustainable farming, or other emerging topics in technology. Furthermore, OMSI offers a variety of hands-on workshops, camps, and events for visitors of all ages. See here for information about Finding Beauty Inside the Walls of the Portland Art Museum.