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Different Types of Paint Sheens

There’s no doubt that anyone who owns a home, wants to be proud of it and whether it needs just a little touch up or a whole new look, we understand that you want to make sure that the paint job is one that you can be truly proud of. This is why it’s important that you know about the paint that you buy and what types of paints are best and where they work the best in your home. A very common mistake made by most people is that they don’t know what the difference between the various interior paint sheens and the different rooms that each of these sheens work best in. Here, we’ll try to explain this for you so it will make it easier for you when you make your decision about your paint. A Basic Rule of Thumb to Follow A good rule of thumb that we always tend to offer those looking for a paint sheen is this: remember that the higher the sheen of the paint means the shinier the paint is going to be. It also means the shinier the paint is, the more durable the interior paint is going to be. For example, a flat paint has no shine at all and a high-gloss will basically be all shine. Then in between these two different sheens you will find eggshell, satin, and semi-gloss. Every one of these different sheens will have their own practical and even decorative uses in your home.
paint sheens
Best Kinds of Paint for Inside Your Home Below you’ll see a synopsis of the different rooms in your home and the different sheens and where they work the best: KITCHEN:
  • Requirements – Durable, and easy to clean paint.
  • Recommended Sheen – Semi-gloss or high-gloss.
  • Requirements – Needs to be easily cleaned and holds up to higher traffic.
  • Recommended Sheen – Paint with a satin finish.
  • Requirements – Need for clean and smooth looking walls. Lower traffic room.
  • Recommended Sheen – Paint with an eggshell finish.
  • Requirements – A high pigment wall paint, a room with lower traffic.
  • Recommended Sheen – Matte or flat finish.
  • Requirements – Need for durable and easy to clean paint and relatively high traffic.
  • Recommended Sheen – Paint with semi-gloss finish.
Interior Paint With a High-Gloss Sheen This type of interior paint is the easiest one to clean off and it has the most durability. It is also a paint that is very shiny and reflects light quite well. You could compare it a shiny appliance when comparing it to the paints toughness. This type of sheen is a wonderful choice for any room that has a lot of traffic or areas that may have a lot of areas that are touched by dirty and grimy hands because the dirt and grim is easy to clean off. It’s also great to use in rooms that have a lot of cabinets, doorways, and trim. Interior Paint With a Semi-Gloss Sheen This is a great paint for any rooms that are exposed to a lot of humidity and/or moisture. This would be rooms like laundry rooms and bathrooms. This type of sheen holds up quite well against grease as well so it could also work well in the kitchen as well. It’s also a great paint to use on the trim in any room. Interior Paint With a Satin Sheen This type of sheen doesn’t have a shiny look, instead it has a nice luster to it. It almost has a velvety look to it. It’s relatively easy to keep clean and this means it also can hold up to a little bit of higher traffic. The only negative some people point out is that it’s the kind of sheen that can easily reveal any painting flaws there could be, so it’s important that you apply carefully because trying to do touch-up work on it can be a little difficult. This sheen is great for the living room, family room, bedroom, hallway, and a foyer. Interior Paint With an Eggshell Sheen Eggshell sheen is in between a flat and satin sheen when it comes to this paints shininess and durability. It has just a little bit of luster, kind of like the luster of a chicken egg, thus the name of “eggshell”. One of the best things about this type of paint that it can easily cover up any imperfections in a wall. It’s a really good paint to use in a living room or den where there are not as many scrapes and bumps like many other rooms. Interior Paint With a Flat or Matte Sheen If you have a wall that is in dire need of hiding something, this is the sheen that you really should pick for the paint job you need to have done. This is the kind of paint that has the most color in it, so if you want a room that has a lot of color this would be the choice that you might want to go with. It also gives you the most coverage for your money which makes it the most economical paint, so it’s great for someone on a tight budget as well. This is an ideal paint for bedrooms for adults and a variety of other rooms with low traffic and don’t need a lot of cleaning.

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