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Best Time for Interior Painting of Commercial Buildings

It’s a well-known fact that the best time to paint your office is when it needs it. Managing an extensive painting project for a commercial building can come with unique challenges like scheduling and timing around your busy schedule. While yearly touch-ups are a great way to stay ahead of any major painting projects, choosing a date and staying committed to that schedule prove to be challenging.

The perfect time for painting your commercial property will depend on many factors like the science behind the paint, your flexibility, and your contractor’s availability. In order to find the best time for interior painting of your commercial buildings, you’ll want to look at all these factors and create a plan that works for everyone involved. That means taking into consideration things like exterior temperature, humidity, and even seasonal allergies. Here are some ways to help you decide when the best time is to paint your commercial building’s interior.

Science Behind Painting

Paint has specific conditional needs in order to dry properly. Proper paint drying ensures a uniform and protective layer of durable paint for years to come. The most important conditions are temperature and humidity within a specific range. Extreme temperature or high humidity can shorten the lifespan of your interior paint. 

Relatively speaking, most paint dries at a uniform rate when humidity is between 40-70% and the temperature consistently stays between 50-85°F. With interior paint, these factors can be controlled and kept within range almost any time of the year. Portland’s average humidity year-round is close to 73% and is typically lowest from March to September. Temperatures during these months are consistent with the conditions in which paints cure properly, and therefore, many commercial buildings take advantage of these months to make interior updates.

Generally speaking, interior paint typically lasts an average of 2-5 years. The quality of your paint, proper prep work, and the use of your building will determine how long your paint will last. Additionally, exposure to the sun, air quality, and how your paint dries will also influence the lifespan of your paint.

Your Business’s Flexibility

Unlike exterior painting projects that are driven by weather and daylight hours, interior painting can virtually happen anytime. With this flexibility, painting contractors can schedule work around your busy schedule. 

For offices and businesses that work around a typical schedule, painting projects can be scheduled after hours regardless of the weather or the lighting. For buildings that have extended hours or people coming and going regularly, scheduling smaller teams or individual painters will ensure minimal disruptions while your project is completed in a timely manner.

Contractor’s Availability

Painting contractors aim to provide the highest quality work regardless of how busy their schedules are. Summer months keep painters busy with exterior projects and schedules that are typically booked out for months in advance. While the most qualified painters have their calendars full throughout the year, many have openings in the fall and spring seasons before the busiest season begins and after it ends. 

Off-season projects can offer you more opportunities to schedule an interior painting project that works better for your schedule. With a more open calendar, painters may even have incentives such as discounts on an interior project during normal downtime if your schedule permits.

No matter what your commercial building is used for, keeping your interior well maintained is a good practice. Your building is a reflection of the work you provide and ultimately communicates to people how they will be treated by your establishment. Since the upkeep of your building is an essential part of business, finding ways to make affordable updates is important. Thankfully, painting projects are a simple cost-effective way to protect your surfaces and promote a welcoming environment. 

While many factors play into the success of an interior painting project, the most important aspect is complete customer satisfaction. Working around your busy schedule to provide excellent customer service is what every painting company should do.

Arrowhead Painting exists with the intention of providing top-notch service at very competitive prices. Our team of contractors helps keep our family-owned and operated business prices low with little overhead costs passed on to our customers. Contact us today to book your free estimate and find the perfect time to paint your building.

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